ABFP Test and Explanation

The objective of the ABFP test is to provide an objective way to establish aptitude as a dressage and/or driving and/or show driving horse.

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IBOP Tests and Explanation of Scores

IBOP tests, along with requirements for the arena, and horse. Explanations of requirements and scoring are included.

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Ridden IBOP Attire and Tack Information

Here is a document that should answer any question you have regarding the attire and equipement allowed for a ridden IBOP test. Please remember that any time, while mounted at the inspection site, the rider must be wearing an ASTM certified helmet with the harness secured and properly fitted.

[ Ridden IBOP Attire and Tack Rules ]

Inspection Special Awards

IBOP Cup Explanations

Iron Spring Farm and Dream Gait Friesians IBOP Cups. The IBOP Cup is an award that was established in 2011 and is available to all participants who enter the IBOP in either driving or under saddle. Please see the requirements below [ Under Saddle IBOP Requirements ] | [ Driving IBOP Requirements ]