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Doeke Hoekstra-Successful use of Frozen & Fresh Cooled Semen

Growing up with Friesian horses around me, I chose to make a living in horses, after finishing my study at Wageningen University.
After working with Friesian horses for a year and a half in the US and Canada, we (Petra and I) started a stallion station back in Holland.
This has given us lots of experience in the management of stallions, mares and the training and riding of them, for a judging/keuring, dressage test, etc.
In the meanwhile we have shipped frozen and fresh semen all over the world and still do.

When we sell a horse, we try to help the buyer in any way we can, so they can enjoy the Friesian horse, just as we do. This way we have sold many horses, including a few approved Friesian stallions and have helped setting up stallions stations in several countries.

I am a member of the Counsel of Members of the KFPS. And growing up in the Friesian world, with my dad being one of the inspector-judges of the KFPS for many years, this has given me lots of experience and contacts inside the whole organization of the KFPS.

Right now we are expanding our activities in giving clinics all over the world, sharing our experience in everything around the Friesian horse.


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