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Foaling-The Basics a webinar presented by Jeannine Everhart

Foaling-The Basics webinar was presented by FHANA member Jeannine Everhart of Tanbark Acres, Christiansburg, VA. Jeannine presented information for preparing a foaling kit, internet streaming, collecting info for your vet, what is NI and how to prepare yourself, retained placenta-what it is and what to do, common foal problems including: colic, dummy foal, windswept foal, meconium impaction, lack of colostrum, redbag, fescue toxicity, & paperwork/notification to and from stallion owner and FHANA. If any one has any questions on the information presented, please feel free to contact the FHANA office or Jeannie Everhart.

Download: [ Foaling Checklist ]

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