Inspection Forms

2019 Inspection Application

The 2019 Inspection Application, some dates may change based on number of horses at each site. The KFPS/FHANA have a requirement that there must be 25 entries per site.

 [ Fee Schedule & Application ] | [ 2019 Inspection Site Calendar ]

Inspection Handbook

This handbook will assist you with all of your planning for the upcoming inspections. This will answer questions about grooming, what to bring, when to be there, who to contact, and everything else we could think of to assist you. [ Inspection Handbook ]

Linear Score Explanation

Have you received a linear score sheet for your horse? Here is a line by line explanation. Please remember that Linear Score Sheets are only done once in the lifetime of a Friesian - usually at three years of age. [ PDF ] | [ English Linear Score ]

Height Certification

When horses (other than foals) are inspected, the FPS requires that the height of the horse be measured. If there is no height measurement, the registration document will not be issued. Occasionally, members will leave the inspection site without having the height of their horse measured. This form provides a means for documenting the height of a horse as measured by a veterinarian. The FPS has agreed to accept this certification of height as long as it is returned within 90 days of the inspection in which the horse is judged. [ Veterinary Certification of Height ]

IBOP Tests and explanation of scores

IBOP tests, along with requirements for the arena,and horse. Explanations of requirements and scoring are included. [ IBOP Regulations ]

IBOP Cup Explanation

Iron Spring Farm and Dream Gait Friesians sponsor IBOP Cups. The IBOP Cup is an award that was established in 2011 and is available to all participants who enter the IBOP in either driving or under saddle. Please see the requirements below. [ Iron Spring IBOP Cup ] | [ Dream Gait Friesians IBOP Cup ]

ABFP Test and Explanation

The objective of the ABFP test is to provide an objective way to establish aptitude as a dressage and/or driving and/or show driving horse. [ ABFP Test & Explanation ]