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Gorgeous Stam 50 Lolke 371 Young Mare! Sold

  • Gorgeous Stam 50 Lolke 371 Young Mare! Image
  • Gorgeous Stam 50 Lolke 371 Young Mare! Image
  • Gorgeous Stam 50 Lolke 371 Young Mare! Image
Date of Birth:
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Lolke 371
Marit Fan Skarren


Tineke is an exceptional 5 year old mare out of a lovely imported 2nd premie Preferent STER mare! She has the most finely chiseled head, ears, long swan neck and body with smooth lines and correct conformation. On top of that… Tineke has a wonderful personality and is always the first one to run up to greet a visitor! 

Tineke's dam, Marit fan Skarren, was imported directly from Holland. She's a tall, full papered, Stam Line 50 STER mare! This Stam Line is the most famous stam as it has produced more Approved Friesian Stallions than any other stam. 

Marit has been awarded the prestigious 'Preferent' title, allowing Tineke to be out of a very rare, full papered, full preferent line. This proven quality is VERY difficult to find! 

Tineke's sire, Lolke 371, doesn’t need much of an introduction. He was a 16.3+H Friesian stallion with breathtaking presence… which he consistently passed on to his foals. Lolke is by the famous Friesian 'Oege 267', arguably the most influential stallion of the Friesian breed. Tineke is a fine example of all that this line produces! 

Tineke's conformation, movement and distinguished breeding, support her ability to stand out! 

View her here! - https://youtu.be/uxDAweAda2Q 

Feel free to contact me at 607-761-2067 

Owner Contact Information

Stephanie Freije

233 Winn Hill Rd | Port Crane, NY | 13833-1727