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SPORT: Feike 395


Are you looking for a blessing in your family?

My name is Zegen which means 'Blessing' in Dutch. 

Res CHAMPION earning STAR at his first keur as a 3 year old on his first try!  Zegen's sister was the CHAMPION and would have easily taken that title had she not come to the same show!

SPORT title through USDF! Mid 60's dressage 3rd level scores.  

This horse is not just 'professionally trained' as most sales pitches can push....Zegen received his proper education through 3 Gold-Medalist dressage trainers. 

He also learned to DRIVE singles and doubles by an Internationally acclaimed trainer.  He has driven through the forrests as well as on the streets with cars.  

Zegen trail rides alone or in groups.  Ridden on the strrets with cars as well as in the forrests and open fields. 

Easy going out in group turn-out or individually.

No isssues with farrier, trailering, bathing, clipping, saddling.  Sweetest horse!

He is an active 11 year old that has experience and lots of youthfulness to him. Over the years, actual training costs alone were well over $120k. No expense was spared in his PROPER education.  This is well reflected in his kind and eager demeanor ...even with novice riders! No spurs or whips are needed.  He is not shown in a double bridle, but rather a snaffle because with him, you do not need that sort of leverage to have control.

Because he is so forward and EAGER to please every moment of the day, Zegen is suited for an active and somewhat competent partner and not a newbie or timid rider. NOT HOT!  

Travels well long distance! Easy keeper in Florida heat or the cold Northeast. 

Rare uphill build, presenting a classic look. Excellent hoof quality barefoot or shod.

BEST PERFORMANCE Bloodlines anywhere: dam: MODEL, 2x SPORT, PREFERENT, plus PERFORMANCE-Mother title candidate. DUAL SPORT CHAMPION (in NL and USA). Sire (Feike) is SPORT at FEI I-1 dressage!


Damline: Model + Sport + Pref - Ster + Pref - Ster -Model + Pref -etc

Sireline: Model + Pref + Prest - Ster + Pref - Model + Pref -etc

QUALITY!  The average mare has to produce more than 10 foals to finally earn thier Preferent predicate and some of those foals have to repeat the keur experience to earn thier star.  Zegen's dam, however earned her Preferent title with the all 4 of her offspring making thier star at keur the first time.  His dam did not achieve the MODel title in the USA against a few really good horses....She achieved status as MODEL at the Central Mare show of the NL, where one has to compete against the BEST of the BEST at a huge competetion.  She earned this when the FPS was only awarding a mere 5 or 6 Model titles a year.  Soon after the Friesians became more marketable, the FPS spontaneously started giving out the model title to 10-16 mares a year and more mares could quickly be sold for profit.

Nothing is hidden about this horse or his family history! Everything is known:  Not one horse in his family, nor Zegen himself, has ever once been afflicted by those EXHAUSTING scratches plaguing so many other Friesians that are discovered only after you get them home. None is his family is afflicted with dermatitis or cellulitis episodes.

Make no mistake about a star and Res Champion title received at his first show and the same for his brothers and sister: that early declaration demonstrates that good conformation can help support a horse for their entire lifetime and will be able to serve your partnership when old age can be a factor for a horse with a lessor conformation that was unable to earn their star for whatever reason. 

Zegen's dam was the 2x undefetaed Driving CHAMPION of the NL beating all the 'approved' breeding stallions -and she accomplished this while she was 9 months pregnant and alreday with another foal on the sidelines.  

HEALTHY! Zegen nor any family member has ever had a day of lameness or hoof absess. Family history of incredibly clean X rays after years hard work!  The KPFPS stallion show veterinarian said he had NEVER in his lifetime seen such perfect legs on Zegen's dam after years of hard work on pavement in the NL.  He X-rayed her twice AT HIS OWN COST becasue he belived NO horse could have such amazing bone quality after such hard work!!  Superior bone integrity is demonstrated and has been hereditary on every horse in Zegen's family as well through his dam.

Another important aspect of HEALTH: the studbook is now desperate to find to help fix the "inbreeding disturbances" in the limited breeding pool they had unintentionally created by primarily promoting a fashionably heavy 'look.' They would even feed the studbook stallions eggs prior to a keur so they looked even heavier!  The bloodlines that were the lighter performance horses were determined as undesirable & were discarded by the studbook: These certain stallions had a leg tied-up and were lunged on 3 legs for thier stallion test.  However, through the buyers market, horses were became less important for hevay farming equiptment and more of a luxury for recreational use such as sport. Eventually, the studbook would see that HEALTH should be a priortity. To re-gain the significant ground lost, the studbook judges have identified ONLY 4 rare bloodlines as the salvation of the breed to help fix the inbreeding genetic issues the studbook created.  Zegen has 3 of those "rare" helpful and "performance" bloodlines: Tsjalling 235, Naen 264 and Keimpe 261. 

BTW, sorry to crush any Fairy-Tale dreams you might have about of Zegen...  he does not grow hair that will touch the ground; it can grow to about the bottom of the neck or similar to that of the average Friesian. His feathers are very nice but do not look like those of a Gypsey Vanner or those on the older, heavier big boned Friesians.  He now has a small scar under his noseband where he was bit by a huge snapping turtle.  The heat does not bother him and he enjoys the summer, so he gets to stay out a lot...he is one of the Friesians whose blackness fades in the summer IF left out in the heat of the day.  Being the breeders that honestly worked hard to improve the breed, our horses were solely bred for longevity of a healthy body, bones, legs and performance as the goal and not other superficial aspects.


So that Zegen can find a good, loving home with an active person to call his own, we are COMPLETELY open to a reasonable offer.  The dollars spent on good training are NOT important, nor expected to be regained since we are not brokers, but caring breeders.  So call & tell us about you and what you can offer to Zegen.  

Zegen is a blessing and seizes every opportunity to show his love! He is such a happy soul!  Hopefully this AD gives you a tiny glimpse into the making of this healthy horse with performance bloodlines.... and into the making of who he is.


Owner Contact Information

K. Perkins

917 420 0069