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Real Head-turner

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Date of Birth:
Studbook #:
Fabe 348
Nynke D.V.


To my only partly biased eyes, Jens (pronounced Yens in the Dutch language) is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen.  He has Friesian Sporthorse conformation, with a mane that ends below his neck and a full, bushy tail.  He stands 16.2 hands tall.  He has an elegant head, a lovely face, a short back, and a more uphill conformation than most Friesians.  He is sweet and friendly to both people and other horses.  He has good ground manners for vets and farriers, he tolerates baths well, and he loads into the trailer with little fuss.  He tolerates dental work (hand tools, of course) without anesthesia.  His movement is glorious, with a big bouncy trot and a butter-smooth canter.

Unfortunately, as a 72-year-old man with arthritis and other physical infirmities, after owning Jens for eleven years I have to face the fact that I can no longer ride him.  He's priced to sell because I can't keep paying for boarding and training for a horse I don't ride.  Nevertheless,  I will only sell him to an experienced, strong rider who can inspire a horse’s trust and confidence.  For such a rider, Jens will be a wonderful partner.  I want his new owner to be delighted with him and keep him for the rest of his life.

Jens is ready to show at Second Level, as you can see in the video.  He is in full training with USDF Gold Medalist Verena Diaz, working on Third Level.

Like most horses his age, Jens has a few physical issues, which are manageable and have not impaired his performance. If you're interested in him, I'll discuss them with you.

His saddle is the wonderful Schleese Obrigado, $7k new.  If it's the right saddle for you, I'll let you have it for $5K.

Owner Contact Information

William Terry

13805 N 87TH ST | LONGMONT, Colorado | 80503-7965