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Schleese Saddles Fit and Fit to the Rider

Aug 29 2016

Looking to have the best fit saddle for your Friesian?  Jochen Schleese will go into detail on how to better fit your Friesian for a saddle.      Read More »

Wisconsin Inspection

Aug 18 2016

The Custer, WI inspection will now be a one day inspection and will be held on Sept. 26th, 2016.  Please contact the Site host Tiffany Reyenga for additional information.      Read More »

Keuring Deadline Extended

Jul 27 2016

You can enter online via the Member Portal, or you can print the form, fill it out and mail or fax it to the office so long as it gets there with payment by the deadline. Absolute deadline for IBOPs is August 15.    Read More »

New items available in your FHANA portal

Jul 01 2016

The FHANA membership directory is back!  You can now search the membership directory as part of your FHANA portal. Search criteria include the following: Last Name State Farm Name The Directory is found under the …    Read More »

The Proper Care and Maintenance of Your (New) Saddle and Accessories

Jun 28 2016

We have now discussed what you need to look for when you’re looking to find a saddle for your horse that will fit you and fit your horse. You’ve spent a lot of money.  So - as with anything, taking proper care of your leather …    Read More »

Notes from the Board of Directors

Jun 22 2016

1. The Board approved the proposal of the Sports Committe to create an Hours to Ride/Drive Program. This program will commence January 1, 2017. 2. The Board approved changes to the point system for the driving performance awards.Point values …    Read More »

FHANA Introduces Keuring Handbook

Jun 21 2016

FHANA has put together a Keuring information packet to help you with your keuirng planning.  This packet will answer your questions about the IBOP test, grooming requirements, the new Linear Score Form, Shoeing requirements and various …    Read More »

ABFP Fee Explained

Jun 20 2016

ABFP Testing: As most of you are aware, young stallions cannot obtain their full permanent breeding license until they have had 20 adult offspring complete this testing. The KFPS expects this to be accomplished following the stallion’s 6th …    Read More »

New Elements for Linear Score Form

Jun 08 2016

Inspector Harrie Draaijer: ‘In actual fact the existing characteristics are too close together for a sufficient differentiation in assessment by the judges. We promote a carrying hind leg with satisfactory action in movement. For good …    Read More »

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

May 17 2016

1. Rule changes were made to Chapters 3 and 4 to correspond to last month's decision to reinstate the policy that FHANA will not accept applications to register B Book II horses.Other portions in these chapters were updated as well. 2.A …    Read More »