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Apr 03 2017

Well begun is half done. Judith: ‘It’s not unusual to see horses completing a B test (beginner, ed.) pretty much without guidance. That’s not what we like to see. Being able to use the brakes and step on the gas is also …    Read More »


Apr 03 2017

Studbook stallions Take 455 and Tonjes 459 recently completed their progeny testing with positive results. Because their progeny tests could not be concluded within time both stallions had been ‘on hold’ since last year but this …    Read More »

Notes from the Board

Mar 22 2017

Notes from the Board of Directors.  Minutes will be posted after the April 2017 meeting. The Board of Directors discussed and approved changes to Rules & Regulations section 2 and 3, which basically brings them up to date. Mr. …    Read More »

2017 AGM Silent Auction Chapter Basket Winners

Mar 20 2017

Congratulations to the Friesian Horse Association of the Mid-East, the Pacific Friesian Horse Club and the Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association for having the top 3 highest bid chapter baskets at the 2017 AGM Silent Auction! ALL of the baskets …    Read More »

Doaitsen 420 USEF Leading Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420 USEF Leading Friesian Sire

Mar 20 2017

Doaitsen 420 Sport owned by Ruth Page of Maddi's Friesian Ranch was named the leading sire by USEF for Friesians.  This ranking is based on points earned in licensed USEF competitions. In order to earn points, horses must be …    Read More »

2017 FHANA Stallion Breeding Auction-Bidding is Open

Feb 03 2017

FHANA has graciously received 8 breedings to be used as part of the 2017 FHANA AGM Stallion Breeding Auction. The auction is available for all FHANA Members.  The Auction will be live for phone bids starting Feb. 15th, 2017 at 8:00AM EST. …    Read More »

Board of Directors Election Results & Bylaw Change

Feb 01 2017

Please welcome Eric Smith from Rudolph, WI and Jennifer McClelland from Lake Odessa, MI to the FHANA Board of Directors.  Eric and Jennifer will take their seats during the upcoming FHANA AGM.   FHANA would like to think Tim Sherman …    Read More »

Board Meeting Highlights January 24, 2017

Jan 24 2017

FHANA confronts fee increases each and every year from the KFPS. These increases (9.1% since 2012) apply to every category of membership, inspections and registry transactions. While we are very reluctant to raise fees and have not done so since …    Read More »

PRE-VENT Feeders added as a Member Benefit


PRE-VENT Feeders added as a Member Benefit

Jan 17 2017

To order members need to call directly to 855-204-2202 and use the code FHANA.  PRE-VENT Feeder slows down eating, reducing the risk of choke, helping to prevent sand ingestion, and minimizing food waste. Also helps prevent food aggression. …    Read More »

Watch the Stallion Show LIVE!

Jan 11 2017

Watch the stallion show as it unfolds right here: The Friday night show ("Proms") will be broadcast starting at 2:30 PM EST, 11:30 AM PST. The Stallion show on Saturday will be streamed …    Read More »