News Highlights

The Friesian Community Mourns

Sep 07 2008

On Sunday, Sept 7,2008, Anita Mellott died in Roseville, CA. as the result of an accident on a motorcycle. Her husband John was also critically injured, and remains hospitalized. John and Anita were instrumental in reintroducing the Friesian …    Read More »

FHANA Hires New Executive Director, Jason Tice

Sep 06 2008

The FHANA Board is pleased to announce the hiring of Jason Tice for the position of Executive Director. Jason is a highly motivated individual who possesses the skillset to fulfill and exceed the job requirements of the FHANA Executive Director …    Read More »

Brend 413 Arrives at Iron Spring Farm

Jul 28 2008

-The eight-year-old KFPS stallion Brend 413 has arrived at Iron Spring Farm. The handsome black stallion has already been a winner in both the dressage ring and in the breeding shed. Brend has successfully competed through the ZZ levels in the …    Read More »

An open letter to the Members of FHANA

Apr 09 2008

Dear Members,On March 11, 2008 during the course of the monthly FHANA Board of Directors meeting, your Board of Directors voted on several issues, many of which a direct result of input from you, our members. They ranged from Regional …    Read More »