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Clinics, something for everybody

Dec 10 2018

The Friday programme of Faderpaard on January 11th with the stallion inspections and FRIESIAN PROMS largely consists of clinics and workshops. Once again the KFPS has managed to compile an attractive programme for this edition. The clinics …    Read More »


Dec 10 2018

Are you a breeder and would be interested in a workshop with a KFPS jury member to discuss your stallion choice? Why not opt for the Champion? Are you aware of the characteristics you seek to improve? How to use the KFPS website to the best of …    Read More »

Six stallions registered after Central Examination

Dec 10 2018

Quite remarkable is the influence of Norbert son Hette 481 who had two sons approved: Willem 508 and Wardy 509. Ulbe 506 and Yme 507 were both bred in Denmark and were loudly cheered by a  large flock of Danish fans when they were decked out …    Read More »

California Fires

Nov 14 2018

Are you a member that is in need of assistance from the California wildfires?  Maybe you are a member that has space that could help others affected by the wildfires.  FHANA would like to help you and put you in contact with each …    Read More »

Inspection Papers

Nov 13 2018

The FHANA office has completed the update and distribution of inspection papers from the 2018 inspections.  If you have not received your papers within the next week, please feel free to contact the office to see what the issue might …    Read More »

2018 Vanderploeg North American Breeder's Award


2018 Vanderploeg North American Breeder's Award

Nov 12 2018

The Vanderploeg North American Breeders Award is to be awarded to the best 3 or 4 year old mare judged in each year’s North American keuring cycle. Eligibility: Mares must have been born in North American and be presented for their initial …    Read More »

Fridse 423 Sport


Fridse 423 Sport

Oct 31 2018

It is with heavy hearts that we are informing the Friesian community that Fridse 423 Sport has passed away.  For the past month Fridse has not been feeling well and despite our best efforts and excellent veterinary care Fridse passed away …    Read More »

A message from the FHANA Board

Oct 30 2018

The FHANA board has accepted the resignation of FHANA Board member Jennifer McClelland.  "We will definitely miss Jennifer as the Vice President of FHANA, she was a very active member of the FHANA Board of Directors and she will …    Read More »

2018 IBOP Cup Results

Oct 22 2018

On behalf of Iron Spring Farm and Dream Gait Friesians, we would like to thank everyone who participated in either the Ridden or Driven IBOPS this year.  This was a record year with 52 entries. Iron Spring Farm Ridden IBOP Cup …    Read More »

Inspection Statistics

Oct 18 2018

Inspection statistics for 2018.      Read More »