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Letter from John Howard

May 16 2010

I want to take this opportunity to thank my many "well wishers" over past year and a half for their kind thoughts and prayers.I am doing substantially better and I am hopeful of a postitive recovery.Lolke 371 Sport and I look forward to …    Read More »

IFSHA Announce World & Grand Championships

May 12 2010

IFHSA holds the national & Grand Championships in San diego area Oct. 13-17, 2010.    Read More »

FHANA Releases Financial Information

May 04 2010

2008 and 2009 Financial comparision for FHANA    Read More »

Judges Announced for 2010 Keurings

May 02 2010

Canadian Circuit:  P Bergsma, B.J. Wittenberg (Nerenhausen), J.R. BlumenthalWest Circuit:  SJ. deGroot, W. ThijssenEast Circuit:  J. Hendriks, B.J. Wittenberg (Nerenhausen)***This list is subject to change at the discretion of the KFPS    Read More »

May 2010 Newsletter


May 2010 Newsletter

Apr 28 2010

May 2010 Newsletter    Read More »

Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards Program


Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards Program

Apr 19 2010

For those members who are interested in participating in the Adequan/USDF All Breeds Awards Program.     Read More »

New Stallion Introduced

Apr 11 2010

Tjalbert 460200600983Beart 411 x Ulke 338, Stam 50Inbreeding 8.01%Kinship 17.2% Testing Scores Stap draf galop …    Read More »

Keuring Date Change

Apr 04 2010

Due to site availability the Keuring date for Tennessee will be on Oct. 6th, 2010.  Sorry for any inconveniences that this may have caused.     Read More »

2010 KFPS Stallion Information

Mar 31 2010

  Want to know more about which one to breed to.  Having a hard time choosing a stallion.  Each of the stallions information is also available on the following link:    Read More »

April 2010 Newsletter

Mar 30 2010

April 2010 Newsletter    Read More »