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2009 Inspection forms and Schedule posted

Mar 31 2009

The 2009 Inspection forms and schedule have been posted at the link below. Discounts are available for early registration.    Read More »

Studbook Information for all Members

Mar 24 2009

This has been provided to FHANA members from the KFPS.    Read More »

Evaluation Report Sipke 450

Mar 16 2009

Stallion: Sylvester PD.o.b.: April 3, 2005Cat. #: Date: February 27, 2009___________________________________________________________________Pedigree:Teade 392 x Stb Ster Ulke 338 x …    Read More »

Open Letter to all Frieisian Lovers

Mar 08 2009

Finally some good news regarding Nanning and the CEM outbreak. The attached press release from the Department of Agriculture, exonerates Nanning as the "index" horse. As you read the release, please pay particularly close attention to the third …    Read More »

Stallion registered during Central Examination held in the U.S.: Sipke 450

Mar 04 2009

The results:Sylvester P. Teade 392 x Ulke 338riding test walk 8.0 trot 7.0 canter 7.0 CPM 7.5 transitions 7.0 suitability7.5 total 81.0 driving test walk 7.5 trot 6.5 CPM 6.0 transitions 6.5 enthusiasm 7.0 suitability 7.0 total 74.5 show …    Read More »

FHANA Awards Judi Knapp Volunteer of the Year Award

Feb 21 2009

During the 2009 Annual General Meeting Awards ceremony. The 2008 FHANA Board of Directors awarded the Judi Knapp Volunteer of the Year Award to Jeannine Everhart. Jeannine spent countless hours in assisting with the implementation of the FHANA …    Read More »

FHANA Announces Executive Board of Directors

Feb 20 2009

During the Annual General Meeting Board Meeting it was decided the following individuals would hold the following executive positions: Elizabeth Sharp - President, Marc Dileo - Vice President, Jack Vanderkooy - Treasurer, Will Bron - Secretary.    Read More »

Final Stallion Testing

Feb 04 2009

The third and final round of stallion inspection here in the US will take place February 26th and 27th, in Hanford Ca, at the DG Bar Ranch.Viewing will start at 10am both days...Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of history when the …    Read More »

Second Round of Stallion Testing

Jan 24 2009

Located at DG Bar Ranch in Hanford CA, for the second year in a row, we have Friesian Stallions being evaluated for Approved Stallion Status. The two stallions will be viewed on 1/29/09 and again on 1/30/09 starting at about 10 a.m. each day. …    Read More »