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Djoerd 473 Press Release

August 28, 2019

Djoerd 473 Press Release

In 2018, Brookside Friesians LLC acquired Djoerd 473 Sport, adding him to the Brookside Family. Djoerd stood at De Nieuwe Heuvel for the 2019 breeding season while completing his prodigy testing in the Netherlands. Brookside Friesians is proud to announce Djoerd 473 Sport will be standing in the United States for the 2020 Breeding Season, offered to US and Canadian Breeders. Djoerd arrived in the US on August 21st.

Djoerd is the only approved son of Jerke 434 Sport. His dam is the Ster Preferente Prestatie mare Sjieuwke fan Unia state by Bonne 341, who is the only full brother to Teunis 332 Preferent. Djoerd has exhibited profound abilities in the Sport. He has earned his Sport predicate in both Dressage and Show Driving. During his Approval, he earned an 82.5 in the Riding test and an 83.5 in the Driving test. Much like his sire, Djoerd has a beautiful exterior with a long, elegant neck, and stands 170cm. At the Central Inspection he showed a lot of scope, suppleness and rhythm in all three paces:  His walk is big and relaxed, earning him a score of 8 on his walk. Both trot and canter are noteworthy for their regularity and ability to extend. He shows excellent impulsion, elasticity and a good temperament, all of which he passes onto his foals. With a beautiful neck and long, dry legs, Djoerd 473 Sport is a fantastic match for the breeder looking to add  height and sport to their next breeding! He exhibits wonderful flexibility in his movements, excelling both under saddle and in carriage.

Djoerd 473 Sport will stand in New England and be collected by New England Breeder Services in Massachusetts. Fresh and freshly frozen semen will be available to the US and Canada. Djoerd will be trained and ridden by Rebecca Eccard of Elite Equine Enterprise, working towards his Sport Elite Predicate. Breeding contracts and more information can be found on our website www.Djoerd473.com

Djoerd will be attending the 2019 Massachusetts Equine Affaire where he will be meeting some of new friends!

We hope to meet you there!

Here at Brookside, we would like to thank everyone who has given us so much support, advice and love, and helped in making our biggest dreams a reality, especially our family at De Nieuwe Heuvel, who has a constant source of support to us. We are excited to see the very bright future that is ahead for Djoerd 473 Sport, his offspring and Brookside Friesians as well as everyone involved!