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FHANA Talent Cup

May 7, 2019

What is The New “Talent Cup?”

Gail Aumiller, Sport Committee Chair

          The Talent Cup, a program championed by President Dr. Rosanne Palermo, is FHANA’s newest award program and is designed to recognize the dressage (both ridden and driven) aptitude in our young horses. This is FHANA’s first performance award for our registered horses, and is only for our 4, 5, and 6 year-old horses. For each age group there will be both a ridden and a driven annual Talent Cup winner and runner-up. Up to ten scores earned at ADS, USEF, USDF, and EC dressage events may be used for submission, and those scores are based on the % score and the level shown.

          As with all our awards, membership is required, but any type of FHANA membership from associate to business makes you award eligible. Also like all our awards, they are not automatic: you must complete the application and have it submitted to the office by November 30. Be sure to read the specific award requirements! To help you have the needed data to complete the application, print the Performance Event Record sheet, and fill that in after each event.

          For the recording form and all the details on the Talent Cup requirements, visit our Sport Awards page:  http://www.fhana.com/fhana-info/membership/awards

          Please help us recognize your talented horse’s achievements.