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March 4, 2019


The 13-year-old Tsjalle 454 (Mintse 384 x Brandus 345) was recently awarded Preferent status as the youngest ever Friesian Studbook stallion. Tsjalle 454 has contributed significantly to the modernisation of breeding by passing on his youthfulness and elegance to his offspring.
He was instantly popular with the breeders from the moment of his approval in 2009. Since he obtained his stud license he never serviced fewer than 160 mares per season, with an absolute bumper year in 2015 with 262 stud services. Fifteen daughters have already risen to Crown, daughter Joce Femke van de Noeste Hoeve has become Model. Three sons have received their stud license: Jehannes 484, Tymen 503 and Yme 507.
Tsjalle 454 was born as Tsjalf fan Fjildsicht in Wietse and Grietje Wijbenga’s yard in Veenwouden in 2006. ‘Tsjalle 454 was already quite a picture when a foal’, Wijbenga tells us. He is a Mintse 384 out of Welmoed fan Fjildsicht. When Tsjalle 454 was eighteen months old Age Okkema became part-owner. Tsjalle 454 entered the Central Examination at the age of three. That year the Stallion Inspection Committee tasked with the assessment of the horses consisted of Fetze Veldstra, Bauke de Boer and Herman Smit. ‘Tsjalle 454 was a very hardworking stallion’, Veldstra remembers. ‘We were quite taken with his characteristic show driving movement, but the walk is his weak point. Tsjalle 454 has proved to do really well in breeding, he has embedded front and breeding type into breeding.’
Fellow jury member Bauke de Boer: ‘Tsjalle 454 showed progress in the course of the test and in the last fortnight it became clear that he was an excellent show driving horse. The more Tsjalle 454 learned how to relax the better his movement became, with good use of the hind leg. Not many horses make such an aristocratic front as Tsjalle 454 when pulling the sjees. He has kept himself extraordinarily well in terms of legwork and conformation.’

Selling or leasing crossed our minds
At the time of Tsjalle 454’s approval Age and Marieke Okkema were running a small-scale training stables at ‘De Mersken’ in Siegerswoude and didn’t have the facilities for a stallion station. Age: ‘I looked at the options of selling or leasing out Tsjalle 454 but then decided I could just as well do it myself. Tsjalle 454 had many fans but there were criticasters too. For many breeders using him for their mares was a bit of a gamble. Without these breeders though, Tsjalle 454 would never have reached Preferent status.’
At the 2016 Stallion Inspection, the year Tsjalle 454 became Champion, he sparkled in the ring. ‘All the jigsaw pieces fell into place that year. This year however, his preparation was less good. Last year Tsjalle 454 had a keratoma and after that he contracted a tendon injury. He had fully recovered one month ahead of the Stallion Inspection but still, we didn’t want to push him.’


As produced by the KFPS newsletter March 2019