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Genetic Testing

February 26, 2019

Per the agreement with the KFPS, FHANA will mandate Genetic Testing on all Breeding Stock starting in 2019.  If you haven't already, we would encourage you to have your mare tested for Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism.  FHANA will be testing for these defects with each foal registration if the mare hasn't been tested previously.  If your mares Sire and Dam are already negative, then there is no reason to have your mare tested, they will automatically result in a negative test.  Please check the status of your mare in the FHANA Portal.  If your mare has not been tested and she has a foal this year, then you will be required to have her tested to complete the registration.  The cost for this testing is $60.00 and the results will be displayed on the FHANA Portal along with an email.

The KFPS implemented this testing in 2017.  FHANA has slowly introduced this to the FHANA membership by mandating all new Ster/Crown/Models mares be tested upon their newly awarded predicate.  We now must introduce this test to all breeding stock.

If you have questions, please contact a FHANA Board member or your FHANA office.