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Scott Kelnhofer Inducted into FHANA Hall of Fame

February 25, 2019

Scott Kelnhofer Inducted into FHANA Hall of Fame

The nomination letter from the Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association.


Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association, are pleased and excited to nominate Scott for induction into the FHANA Hall of Fame.


Most, if not all FHANA members know, or have heard of Scott, a man who is respected for his integrity,  his clarity of purpose,  his self awareness, and most importantly,  his love and passion for the KFPS Friesian horse.   Whether in his personal or professional life, rest assured, we all can count on Scott to invest his total focus, energy, honesty, and commitment to completing any endeavor with the utmost attention to detail and quality.  Scott is fearless when approaching difficult situations and we can count on him to provide open and honest perspectives; Scott truly enjoys spirited debates.   It is refreshing to have a leader that is so forthright and open and has the confidence to effectively lead an organization through contemporary challenges.  To measure one’s success, it is helpful to reflect on their body of work.   For Scott, this is quite a journey and speaks volumes about his commitment and the significance of his accomplishments.  Here are just a few:


Scott and his wife, Shelley, founded the Fenway Foundation in 2010.  Together, they created a non-profit organization with the goals of: saving, adopting and rehabilitating Friesians; accruing Friesian health and longevity information; creating alliances to preserve and protect Friesians; offering educational opportunities; establishing a network of experts focused on health, genetics, and rescue; and providing support and mentoring to Friesian horse stewards.  This incredible foundation is thriving and actively serving Friesian owners nationally and internationally.  It is exciting to know that Fenway Foundation discoveries has led to state-of-the-art, evidenced-based care for our beloved Friesians.   It is also important to note that Fenway Farms has been one of the largest donors and supporters of FHANA shows and that they are now the sponsor of the newly adopted FHANA Charitable Award.


Scott honorably served on the FHANA Board for six years.  The results of his leadership and collaborations throughout his tenure on and off the board includes but is not limited to: right sizing the FHANA office resulting in improved efficiency and quality; the development of the FHANA Hall of Fame; and the planning and implementation of an incredibly successful FHANA 25th Anniversary Convention, the largest confluence of KFPS Friesian horses in history!  By leveraging team strengths, this successful event netted approximately $50,000 in profit earmarked for the Friesian Health Study.  In addition, Scott’s contributions has resulted in the development of a fhana.com website.; new by-laws; the 2010-2011 Breeders List that has been distributed internationally;  marketing programs that promote the KFPS Friesian horse; and the development of the “In Memoriam” and “Accomplishments” sections in “The Friesian” magazine.    Scott is actively working on the FHANA magazine, ensuring the publication is relevant and provides value to all.  Scott has also recently volunteered to assist Canada’s Alberta Chapter as they launch efforts into planning for the 35th FHANA Anniversary celebration.  Rest assured this will be an exciting and worthwhile event!


His tremendous business acumen and experience as a business owner, director of marketing, an institutional sales manager, a human resources manager and purchasing manager have directly benefited FHANA; this knowledge base, coupled with his skills and experiences, enhances both FHANA and Board operations.  As an example, Scott collaborated with an accountant to develop a cost system that determines the profitability of each function performed by FHANA.  While performing functions for FHANA members as a primary focus, he was able to ensure that FHANA was appropriately charging for services to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the association.


While on the FHANA Board, Scott dedicated his time and energy to multiple working committees including but not limited to: the Keuring, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Planning, Ethics and the 25th Anniversary Convention committees.   In addition, Scott, in collaboration with a FHANA member, instituted the Friesian Member Council (FMC) with the goals to increase chapter engagement, to enhance member satisfaction, and to develop a bi-directional communication link between FHANA chapters and the Board.  The FMC has been a productive force, assisting FHANA and the board with operational enhancements such as updating and modifying the Chapter of the Year submission, the bylaws, and the new chapter application process.  His understanding of FHANA operations and the Friesian breed has made him an effective FMC administer and guide when facilitating FMC activities.


Scott and his wife, Shelley, were proud owners of the incredible approved stallions, Nanning 374 and Anton 343 Sport.  Through their generosity, advocacy, and promotion, they shared these talented stallions with all, creating excitement for the Friesian breed and at the same time, educating the public about this magical horse.  Scott and Shelley are dedicated Friesian owners; all of their Friesians are considered family, ensuring them a forever, loving home.

 Scott has hosted a Jan Hendriks clinic that focused on Friesian history, conformation and judging.  The clinic was done without FHANA or FHANA chapter assistance.  This was a terrific opportunity to learn from one of the most respected Friesian authorities in the world about the KFPS Friesian horse and their long range breeding goals.  In addition, they have provided informal and formal educational opportunities to their community and to academic institutions.  What wonderful opportunities to broadly promote the Friesian breed!


Scott successfully collaborated with Friesian Specialties and Moxie Equestrian to enhance the FHANA membership package.   His effort to create new organizational alliances strengthened FHANA and provided members with expanded benefits.     


He collaborated with former Board Member, John Howard, in the development of the embryo transfer rule that was adopted into the FHANA rules and regulations. 


Scott dedicated his time and energy as a mediator.  He has been called upon on several occasions to mediate disputes between FHANA members and between FHANA and its members.   Given his strong negotiation and communication skills, he has been successful in finding common ground between parties and settled disputes in a relatively amicable manner.  Scott is an effective resource and possesses the skills and managerial courage to tackle difficult and challenging situations.


               In closing, it is an honor and a privilege to nominate Scott Kelnhofer for induction into the FHANA Hall of Fame.  We are truly blessed to have such a genuine man of such integrity, dedication, and passion promoting, preserving and protecting our beloved KFPS Friesian breed.  We are a better organization because of him and the Friesian horse will thrive as a result of Scott’s legacy and philanthropic work.


Scott Kelnhofer award video

Scott Kelnhofer acceptance speech


Award video by Miki Przybylski

Acceptance Speech courtesy of Kirk Steehler