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Changes to the 2019 FHANA Awards Program

January 23, 2019

Changes to the 2019 FHANA Awards Program

Starting in 2019, FHANA will now offer regional awards for each performance award that FHANA offers.  Including: Performance Ridden Dressage, Performance Driving, Youth Performance Ridden Dressage, Youth Performance Driving, Performance Riding, and Performance Driven Dressage.   This will allow for 7 different winners in 6 different disciplines.  Each regional winner will be recognized with an award during the FHANA Annual General Meeting.  FHANA will then award the National winner from the highest regional winner.  The overall national winner will have their names placed on the perpetual trophies that are currently displayed in the FHANA office.  

Additionally, FHANA will introduce two new awards starting in 2019:

FHANA Performance Riding: This award is being introduced to recognize those members who participate in other disciplines under saddle besides ridden dressage.

FHANA Performance Driven Dressage: This award will allow members to utilize their driven dressage scores towards a year end award.

How are the regions divided?  For California, we will use the Fresno County Line as the center point.