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FHANA Board of Directors

December 19, 2018

The FHANA Board of Directors will not be holding board of directors election for 2019.  Board member Barb Renico has decided to withdraw from the election leaving 3 candidates (Dr. Rosanne Palermo, Marquis Laude, Amy Rogala-Hobbs) for 3 open positions.  During a brief conference call with the candidates, Amy Rogala-Hobbs volunteered to fill the one-year term recently vacated.  This means that no elections are needed.  Amy Rogala-Hobbs term will begin immediately starting with the January 2019 FHANA Board meeting and will be up for reelection in 2020.

2019 FHANA Board of Directors:

Dr. Rossane Palermo (2022

Marquis Laude (2022)

Amy Rogala-Hobbs (2020)

Eric Smith (2020)

Angie DePuydt (2021)

Allison Thomas (2021)

Charlotte Dumford (2021)

Marquis Laude will take his seat during the upcoming FHANA AGM Feb. 21-23.  This is also where the 2019 FHANA Officers will be elected.