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Inspection Papers

November 13, 2018

The FHANA office has completed the update and distribution of inspection papers from the 2018 inspections.  If you have not received your papers within the next week, please feel free to contact the office to see what the issue might be.  Maybe you have not submitted DNA to complete the foal registration, or maybe you did not turn in your papers at the inspection and these are required before new ones can be issued.  If there is an issue with your papers, the office will have contacted you by email.

All papers have been distributed by standard United States Post.  We cannot control how long it takes to get to you or if they are lost.  To avoid duplicate paper fees ($120) if they are lost, we will redistribute papers within 90 days of this date Nov. 12, 2018 if you contact FHANA letting the office know you have not received your papers.  Any members who contact the office after the 90 days has past will be subject to the duplicate paper fee.

Thank you for your patience while we updated and distributed your registration papers.