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Julius 486 Sport

October 17, 2018

Julius 486 Sport

Our family has been privileged to have had the opportunity these last two years to stand our stallion Julius 486 in the Netherlands. The number of breedings he has attracted in a very competitive field proves he has gained the respect of overseas breeders. Julius has simultaneously demonstrated his talents in dressage and show driving and we believe that he deserves more time to advance further in Sport. The Netherlands offers unique opportunities that allow Julius 486 to continue his training and it is for this reason that we have decided to continue his residency in Friesland for another year. We are aware that many breeders in North America have been looking forward to his return and we very much appreciate their love and enthusiasm for Julius. Hopefully, his many fans can be patient with us as we try to make the best choices for him.


The Vanderkooy Family

Kettle Creek Friesians

St. Thomas, Ontario