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October 11, 2018



With the combination of the Central Inspection and The Storm Rider, a visit to the Netherlands held quite some extra appeal for lovers of the Friesian horse from abroad. Sailing Dutchman Events catered for an all-inclusive package deal, treating the visitors to a special welcome at Chardon Stables, Henswoude and De Mersken.


Annette Carpenter: ‘My mare in The Storm Rider’
In the year behind us Annette Carpenter purchased seven mares in the Netherlands, most of them in foal. ‘I want to breed Friesian horses, the foals will be sold.’ One of her Star mares could be admired in The Storm Rider: Marjet van de Slingenberg. Annette bought her first Friesian horse three years ago. She is keen to start driving and showing and in order to come up with the best ‘match’ makes an in-depth study of breeding. It was a first-time visit to the Netherlands for this 59-year-old and hence she was curious about the various stallions she had a chance to marvel at thanks to this package trip.


Brenda Johnson: ‘Demand for well-trained young stallions’
‘They are so beautiful, but it’s mainly their character that makes them special’, says 61-year-old Brenda Johnson. Brenda has visited the Netherlands at least twenty times. ‘To view horses for friends and clients. I know what they want and match buyers to sellers.’ She finds that well-trained young stallions are especially popular. ‘The level of breaking in young horses is much higher here in the Netherlands than back home in the US.’ Travelling in a small group was very much to her liking. ‘At the time of the Stallion Inspection all yards are terribly busy. Now we had the time to make contact with the owners of the horses on a one-to-one basis.’

Doug and Susan Kirr: ‘See the stallions for ourselves’
For the Kirr couple from Canada this is their first visit to the Netherlands. ‘We wanted to see The Storm Rider’, Susan (68) tells us, and her husband Doug (59) adds: ‘We also want to put our mare in foal and this is a good opportunity to view several stallions.’ During this trip they have gathered a lot of information about keeping and riding Friesians. ‘We have also found a good saddler. Back home we can measure our mare’s back and send the order for a saddle to the Netherlands.’ As a construction worker Doug had a good look around while visiting various stables. ‘We know so much more now, but it’s never enough.’


As posted in the KFPS Newsletter 10.10.18