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Board of Directors Recap

June 27, 2018

Central Mare Show:  The FHANA Board approved a motion from the CMS Committee that 1e two-year-old mares from the current Inspection season are allowed to compete in the Central Mare Show.

Charitable Award:  The FHANA Board approved the FMC's motion regarding a new Charitable award to recognize charitable works outside FHANA.  The Fenway Foundation has graciously sponsored this award. 

Grievance Policy: The FHANA Board approved an amendment to the FHANA Grievance Policy.  The revised policy now allows for a formal grievance to be submitted to either the FHANA Executive Director, a FHANA Board Member or the FMC Chairperson.  The recipient of the grievance must forward the grievance to the entire board within three days.  If the grievance is valid, the board will appoint a committee to investigate the matter make a recommendation to the board on actions to be taken. Once the grievance has been adjudicated by the Board, the Board will submit its resolution of the grievance to the member in writing.

Inspection Programs:  The FHANA Board approved a motion from the Inspection Committee that Inspection sites be charged $50 for programs per site and $1 per program ordered.

FHANA Artwork.  (see below)

1. On May 15th, the FHANA Board approved a motion from the FMC to grant permission for Chapter’s to utilize the association’s artwork for promotional purposes. 

2. Upon completion of the meeting, the Marketing Committee recommended that the board reevaluate this motion. 

3. The board discussed the Marketing Committee's recommendation via email and a motion was approved that the FHANA Board of Directors rescind the decision from May 15th regarding the use of FHANA materials and the FHANA logo by FHANA chapters to create their own banners until an appropriate procedure can be developed to ensure that any use of FHANA material meets the standards and goals of the organization.  

4. On June 19th the FHANA Board approved a motion from the Marketing Committee that FHANA not release digital files (ie. logos, etc.) for use by FHANA members for the development of chapter booths or banners.  The board also approved a motion that FHANA develop a series of collateral items based on the current booth presentations that present a consistent message promoting FHANA and the KFPS Friesian horse.  The Marketing Committee will offer customization of the collateral and different price points for the chapter to choose from. The Marketing Committee will work with the FHANA office to order the collateral and payment for the items will be made to FHANA