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June 4, 2018


Anne Brouwer and Anne Oosterbaan have been building a first-rate dam line in pedigree 2 with the the double Preferent Eeldertsje Model (Nammele 147) and triple Preferent Performance mare Pyrrha fan Synaeda Model (Oepke 266). End 2017 this pedigree reached a new high with the approval of Tjebbe 500 (Bartele 472).
Pedigree 2 Juffer (1885) has become very successful thanks to the breeding products of Anne Brouwer and daughter Anneke Kuipers-Brouwer and later with the Fan Synaeda Stud owned by Anne Oosterbaan and daughter Anke. Brouwer started his successful dam line in 1945 with foal Eeldertsje Model Preferent (Nammele 147). Eeldertsje produced sixteen foals, including six Model mares, two Star mares and Studbook stallion Murk 194. Eeldertsje also has two Model Preferent daughters. Tina (Age 168) brought the two approved sons Hindrik 222 and Kasper 229 and two Model Preferent daughters. Tjebbe 500’s dam line features Onori (Gabe 221). Later on Onori came to be owned by Klaas Bakker who, among others, bred Wypke 277 from her who was later rejected on progeny.

Anne and Anke Oosterbaan
The first foal Anne Brouwer bred from Onori was Ealdertsje Star Preferent (Ritske 202). Her first foal was Sytske Star (Hearke 254), purchased in 1979 by Anne Oosterbaan. Sytske was paired to Tsjalling 235 at the age of three which resulted in the birth of Deidre fan Synaeda Star Preferent. The first time Oosterbaan decided to use Oepke 266 for Deidre, which produced the triple Preferent Pyrrha fan Synaeda Model Performance in 1988. ‘She incorporated all that my father dreamed of in the breeding of Friesian horses’, says Anke Oosterbaan.
Pyrrha fan Synaeda died in 2011 at the age of 23 after having given her breeder as many as 18 foals. In combination with eight different stallions she produced nine Star-, one Crown- and two Model offspring. Oosterbaan opted for Tsjerk 328 on three occasions: ‘My father aimed for class and he hoped Pyrrha would be the ticket to achieve that and he felt this would work by pairing her to Tsjerk 328. This match produced two very elegant mares’, says Oosterbaan.
These are Nanna fan Synaeda Model Preferent and Frigga fan Synaeda Crown. Frigga was sold to Stud De Zadelhoff as a 3-year-old and went on to become the granddam of Tjebbe 500.

Stud De Zadelhoff
Frigga fan Synaeda arrived at Stud De Zadelhoff in Breukelen in 2004. This stud is owned by former industrial- and property estate agent Cor van Zadelhoff (80). On the look-out for a quality broodmare from a strong dam line Van Zadelhoff and his former stable master bought the mare Frigga fan Synaeda (Tsjerk 328) from Anne Oosterbaan. That same year she was declared Star with a first premium and four years on she became Crown.
The combination Frigga and Dries 421 resulted in Femke van Stal Zadelhoff. Born in 2009, Star mare Femke has four offspring, with Tjebbe 500 being her first-born. ‘We opted for Bartele 472 because of the good dam line of his sire Onne 376 which passes on a lot of ‘go’. Moreover, Bartele 472 went on the be a great favourite of Mrs Van Zadelhoff’s’, Andries Zandee tells us.


As posted in the June 2018 KFPS newsletter