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Board of Directors Summary

March 21, 2018

March 20, 2018 FHANA BOD Meeting Summary The committees are up and running, many presented minutes and are moving forward to achieve their goals. The  finances showed a positive balance and the Marketing Committee presented banners for the new FHANA Booth. The board has made a selection and we believe it shows the beauty and versatility of our loved Friesian horses.

We as a board are working together to contact members to renew your lapsed membership, so don’t be surprised by a phone call from a board member.

We looked at the keuring schedule for 2018 and determined there are no available days to make any changes; therefore the board has voted and accepted the existing keuring schedule for 2018.

The full minutes of this meeting will be available on the website after the next board meeting.

Thanks for your support and sharing your love and appreciation of KFPS registered  Friesian Horses.