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March 6, 2018 | By KFPS


Mees 497 was bred by Maarten van Vliet from Koudekerk aan den Rijn, who died at the end of 2017. In 1993 he purchased the Star mare Valmoed (Jakob 302) from Bob Hofstee. At that time the mare was 3 years old and in foal. Valmoed is the great granddam of Mees 497 and was bred by the late Gerrit van der Lei in Drachten. Her dam is Wendelmoed Star Preferent (Marko 262), who Hofstee bought from Van der Lei in 1989 when she was in foal with Valmoed. Valmoed brought eleven offspring of which seven were stallions. Keimpe van Rijnwoude (Oltman 317) took part in the Central Examination in 1999. When Van Vliet purchased Valmoed she was pregnant with her first foal: Heleen van Rijnwoude Star Preferent (Oltman 317), granddam of Mees 497.

Heleen van Rijnwoude
After four attempts, Heleen van Rijnwoude was declared Star at the age of seven. ‘She used to tense up at inspections and that affected her walk’, Daniëlle van Vliet, Maarten’s cousin, tells us. Heleen produced nine offspring with five of them becoming Star. Among these is Tjitske van Rijnwoude (Dries 421), dam to Mees 497. Since three years the now 12-year-old mare is owned by Daniëlle.
In addition to Mees 497 there are four more offspring by Tjitske. Three were sold as foals and 2-year-old Amélie D. van Rijnwoude (Djoerd 473) is still owned by Daniëlle.
Daniëlle decided to pair Tjitske to Tymon 456: ‘On account of his front and shoulder freedom, because those are aspects of Tjitske’s that need to be improved. Tymon 456 lacks a bit of strength in the hindquarters, but Tjitske has plenty of that. Thinking ‘out of the box’ is something I like anyway.’
Mees 497 catches the eye with his wonderful front, suppleness and large shoulder freedom. From Valmoed and Tjitske he has inherited his enormous willingness to work. His hind leg is a tat sickle-hocked and he has a long gaskin, but he more than makes up for that with his suppleness, shoulder freedom, trainability and fantastic mentality. With Leonie Evink he won the Friesian Talent Cup in 2016, the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude in 2016 and 2017, and in 2017 the M1 class during the Alrako KFPS Championship. In early February he also became Friesian Regional Champion M2.

As posted in the MArch 2018 KFPS Newsletter