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January 3, 2018

The final assessment of the Central Examination resulted in the registration of four new Studbook stallions. We have reached the magic number of 500, a milestone in the history of the KFPS.
The final exam, the driven disciplines, took place at Hippisch Centrum (Equestrian Centre, ed.) Exloo, in wintry weather conditions. Tymen 503 (Tsjalle 454 x Harmen 424) scored the high total of 86 points for the show driving test and 83,5 points for the driving test. Tiede 501 (Alwin 469 x Loadewyk 431) and Tjebbe 500 (Bartele 472 x Dries 421) also passed the 80-point mark in both the driving- and show driving test. Ulbrân 502 (Reinder 452 x Jakob 302) achieved more than 80 points in all three disciplines which earned him the qualification of star of the test.
Versace Birkemose (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) demonstrated correct movement under saddle with a good canter. Unfortunately, he proved unable to keep up his development in use of the body and capacity for transitions. With 71,5 points in the driving test and 72 points for show driving Versace Birkemose had to leave the Central Examination without his stud license.
Harrie Draaijer: ‘For us judges it was a surprise to see how these four stallions managed to continue developing so well after the saddle test. That yielded good scores in the driven disciplines. We have been able to register four talented stallions. Riders and drivers were very much taken with their mentality and work ethos. In the previous year the influence of Jasper 366 was strong, but this year he is less dominantly represented and the blood lines of the newly-registered stallions show a varied make-up.’


Tjebbe 500


Tiede 501


Ulbrân 502


Tymen 503