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2017 IBOP Results

December 4, 2017

FHANA would like to thank Dream Gait Friesians and Iron Spring Farm for sponsoring the 2017 IBOPS.  The top 5 of each receive a logoed cooler and the champion and reserve champions receive $500 and $250 respectively.  All ties are broken by using the overall scores starting with the walk and continuing until one has a higher score.  This year the Driving IBOP was broken with the Canter.

Dream Gait Friesians Driving IBOP Results

78.5*** GISELLE G.F. owned by Whitney Caldwell

78.5 SARENA UT IT WEST owned by Susan Gear-Porter
78 QUINTUS OTH owned by Erin & Marc DiLeo
77 SARABELLA FAN LEANDRA owned by Michele Venus
77 MEIKE J. FROM GULL LAKE FARM owned by W. Floryn
79 BAUKJE ÚT 'T WESTEN owned by All-Star Friesians
78 OBSIDIAN FAN LEANDRA owned by Mark & Kelly Twambly
77 MOUNT-OLYMPUS owned by Sierk Baalbergen