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2017 ABFP Results

December 1, 2017

The ABFP testing completed this week in both Michigan and California.  We want to thank all of the owners who participated in the testing and helping to build what we hope to be a very good program for many years to come.  We would also like to thank the stallion owners of Bene 476 (Matt & Pam Gish from Signature Friesians) and Date 477 (Joseph Sieczka).  FHANA will continue the testing of both Bene 476 and Date in 2018.  The dates of the testing will be announced soon.  If you are interested in participating in the testing, please contact FHANA to have your horse included.  The testing is not only for Bene or Date offspring, any horse can participate if space allows. Bene and Date offspring will continue to have first rights so they can achieve their permanent breeding license.  You will see on the results that there were several other sired horses that also participated this year.