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Board of Directors Notes

November 21, 2017

The highlights of the meeting are as follows:

1. A motion brought forward to amend a Bylaw to allow for flexibility in the timing of future Annual General Meetings was defeated.

2. The treasurer reported a healthy year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement.

3. A tentative 2018 Keuring Schedule was adopted.

4. As per recommendation of the Sports Committee, a "Horse of the Year" program was adopted. The program is to be implemented in 2018.

5. A 2018 Budget was tabled and will be voted on at the next scheduled meeting.

6. The Board adopted a motion to increase Membership Fees beginning in 2018. Full Membership increases from $130 to $140, Business Membership from $160 to $180, and Associate Membership from $60 to $90 (This increase allows for Associate members to have full access to the FHANA website).