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Vanderploeg North American Breeders Award

November 16, 2017

Vanderploeg North American Breeders Award

Congratulations to Maddi's Friesian Ranch for winning the 2017 Vanderploeg North American Breeder's Award.  This award goes to their horse Vienna MFR (Sape 381 x Beart 411) for receiving her Provisional Kroon Predicate.

Congratulations to Joni Kuhn (Owner) and Julee & Paul Kula (Breeder) for the reserve champion Talina Kula (Harmen 424 x Tsjerk 328).     

This award is awarded based on the following:

To be awarded to the best 3 or 4 year old mare judged in each year’s North American keuring cycle. Eligibility: Mares must have been born in North American and be presented for their initial adult inspection in the current year to be automatically entered for this special award. Mares must be 3 or 4 years old at the time of their initial inspection. The breeder identified on the horse’s registration certificate must be a current FHANA member in good standing and reside in North America. Eligible mares must have been sired by a stallion approved for breeding by the KFPS at the time of conception and must be out of mares registered in the main Studbook. Criteria: Upon receipt of the official results by the FHANA office of all inspections each year, the Championship title will be awarded to the highest placing mare out of all eligible mares judged each year. For example, if there is only one mare named as Provisional Crown, that mare will be declared the Champion. In the event that more than one mare is named Crown/Provisional Crown, FHANA will make the decision by comparing the mares’ linear scores for the 25 characteristics evaluated. The winner will be the mare with the most scores falling in the desirable (shaded) range. In the event of a tie, the KFPS judges /inspectors who judged in North America that same year will confer and determine which mare was the best. If there are no mares named as Crown/Provisional Crown in any year, the winner will be chosen from the eligible mares awarded a First Premium, and so on. Prizes: (1) The champion will receive a cash prize of $500.00 and the Reserve Champion will receive $250.00, payable to the breeder of record on the mare’s registration certificate. However, if the mare has been sold prior to the inspection and that transfer duly recorded prior to the inspection, the cash prize will be divided between the breeder and owner of record; (2) The breeder of the winning mare will receive a special individual award (3) A perpetual trophy will be maintained in the FHANA office bearing the name of the winning horse and her breeder for each year.