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2017 FHANA Central Mare Show

July 12, 2017

2017 FHANA Central Mare Show

It is time to sign up for the 2017 FHANA Central Mare Show.

Eligibility Requirements:

  •  Mares must be registered with the KFPS  
  • Owner of record must be a current FHANA member  
  • The following mares are pre-qualified: Mares already holding the title of Model, Kroon, Provisional Model or Provisional Kroon or Star are eligible and will be entered in their appropriate class by age group. A copy of their registration certificate must be sent with entry to prove eligibility.
  • All Mares newly named as Model, Kroon, Provisional Model, Provisional Kroon or Star during the 2017 FHANA inspection Season are also eligible to enter and will show with other mares in the same age group. Entry form must specify the mare's 2017 predicate and inspection site for verification of eligibility.
  • All mares that have not been inspected during the 2017 inspection year are eligible to be inspected for an upgrade. The inspection fee of $135 must be paid with entry.
  • When mares come to the paddock area just prior to their class, a copy of their registration certificate must be presented to the FHANA representative, who will verify that their microchip matches their paper.
  • Classes will be judged by KFPS judges. Mares entered in the FHANA Central Mare Show may also enter IFSHA classes, but must be shod in accordance with KFPS keuring guidelines.
  • Entry fee is $150 per mare. The top two mares from each preliminary class will show back in the Championship and no additional entry fee will be required. This fee to be payable to FHANA and mailed with your entry.
  • IFSHA stall fees per stall: $65 in and out on the same day, $100 overnight for one night, $150 Monday until Saturday.
  • Office fee per horse.-$30 11. Bedding per bale - $7.50 12. Health requirements are the same as for IFSHA. Coggins test, health certificate and proof of Flu & Rhino vaccination within the previous 6 months.


Please fill out the entry form to sign up and compete against the best mares in the country.