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June 8, 2017





The Spring Meeting of the Member Council on Friday evening May 19th lasted for almost four hours, but this was not on account of the agenda items concerning amendments of various regulations. In the wake of excellent discussions during the regional meetings these were merely a formality. It was the continuation of the discussion from the closed meeting of the Member Council on March 24th that took prevalence.
Especially the debate about white markings echoed through. The course of affairs together with the inherent discussion has undoubtedly caused some strife in the relationship between Board and Member Council. Therefore the focus of the discussion was about how to restore the mutual trust. ‘We all have the same goal and therefore should show respect for the tasks and responsibilities each individual, from its own role, contributes towards the overall picture’, Chairman Bert Wassenaar points out. The scheduled meeting between representatives of the four parties, Member Council, Board, Inspection and working organisation will be a first step.

Other than that, the meeting proved extremely constructive. The KFPS can look back on an excellent year with a positive result of almost €75,000.-, which provides a solid basis for further strengthening of the organisation. The Studbook is particularly keen to invest in its Jury body. Additionally, the Studbook seeks to invest in the employment of an official who will be in charge of inspection affairs on behalf of the Studbook office. In the coming months these plans will be further developed.
The Board motioned to raise reimbursements for volunteers by 10% because of an apparently stable market and positive financial results. The Board has decided not to make use of the above-mentioned proposed increase for its own benefit, as did the Member Council. The submitted amendment regarding a 10% raise of imbursements, excluding Board and Member Council, has been approved.

Regulations DNA testing
The motion for amendment of regulations for the application of DNA testing regarding dwarfism and hydrocephaly has been approved. Starting this year all mares presented for lineage verification (new Star mares and Foalbook and Studbook mares used for breeding) will also be tested for dwarfism and hydrocephaly. In addition, from this year carrier status of all active Studbook stallions will be published.
The Member Council has also approved the motion for reviewing, and with that clarification of wording, of various regulations with respect to acceptable and non-acceptable markings.
Requirements for the Sport predicate in the driving discipline have been raised from level Z to ZZ. From 1 January 2018 qualification for the Sport predicate in dressage requires five separate minimal scores of 60% at level Z1 or higher. For driving this is five times a minimal score of 60% at level ZZ. Furthermore, the name of the new Sport predicate has officially been settled as Sport Elite.

Sabien Zwaga and Piet Bergsma have formally been appointed as members of the Inspection. Evert Kuiters, LL M has been re-elected on the Appeals Committee and Klaas Bunk, LL M has been elected on the Board of Appeals. At the end of the meeting six members of the Member Council were outgoing and received a farewell: Henk Smit, Johan Achterhof, Paul Tanck, Janna Kroes, Judith Heida and Dick Reiding. The two new Council Members are John Boot and Mirella van Leeuwen. Re-elected as Council Members were Tjitze Bouma, Ytsen de Vries and Corné Veldjesgraaf.


As posted in the June 2017 KFPS Newsletter