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Board of Directors Election Results & Bylaw Change

February 1, 2017

Please welcome Eric Smith from Rudolph, WI and Jennifer McClelland from Lake Odessa, MI to the FHANA Board of Directors.  Eric and Jennifer will take their seats during the upcoming FHANA AGM.  

FHANA would like to think Tim Sherman for his service over the past 3 years on the FHANA Board and as the acting Treasurer.  FHANA Would also like to thank Sally Lawing for her service on the FHANA Board for the past 6 years.  Sally has served as the Vice President and President of the association.    

We would like to thank the membership for voting in the Bylaw change proposal.  The change was voted in favor of by the membership with 92% of the membership voting in favor of the change.  The FHANA Board of Directors will now adopt term limits for member who serve on the Board.  A member will now only be able to serve for 3 consectutive terms or 9 years.