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Moxie Equestrian Joins Convention as Gold Sponsor

August 20, 2009

Moxie Equestrian Joins Convention as Gold Sponsor

The Gold Sponsorship of Moxie Equestrian includes the donations of 69 Coolers that will be handed out to all 1st place class winners throughout the event.  This is a wonderful partnership that FHANA has established with Moxie Equestrian and we are very excited.  

Moxie Equestrain will also have their items on display during the trade fair of the convention, and will have on display the wonderful 25th Anniversary Collection vests and bomber jackets.  For everyone of these items you as a FHANA member purchase you not only support Moxie Equestrain but 50% of the sale is donated back to FHANA, so you are supporting your Association. 

Moxie Equestrian joins a great group of sponsors which includes:

Diamond Sponsors:

Scott & Shelly Kelnhofer, KFPS

Gold Sponsors:

Drs. Klaas and Annelies Wiersma, Carol Minker, Louis & Julia Dorfman, Robert & Arlene DeBoer,

Special Class Sponsor: Iron Spring Farm