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FHANA Board of Directors Elections

September 9, 2008

In accordance with FHANA By-Laws Article IV, paragraph 7, the FHANA Board is calling for nominations for three positions on the FHANA Board of Directors. Each position will be a three year term. Nomination papers should be received by December 1, 2008. Any two members in good standing and eligible to vote may nominate any other member, other than a body corporate, for election as a Director by a letter in writing addressed to the Secretary at the office of the Association, provided that the member so nominated has endorsed his consent to such nomination upon each letter. Candidate biographies can be submitted and will be published on the FHANA website at fhana.com and sent with ballots. Biographies can be NO LARGER THAN ONE TYPED PAGE. Biographies should be single spaced, type should be minimum 10 pt. and margins of one inch top, bottom, left and right side. BIOGRAPHIES WILL BE STRICTLY LIMITED TO ONE, SINGLE PAGE. Portions of Biographies that exceed the one page limit will not be published. In addition, Candidates will be required to submit responses to a series of questions developed by the FHANA Board so that our Association members will be able to make an informed decision. Responses to the questions will be published on the FHANA website and included with ballots mailed to Association members. The FHANA Board encourages all interested parties to become involved in their Association either by becoming a candidate or participating in this election. Your participation in your Association will make it better for all of us.