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2018 FHANA Inspection Programs

May 24 2018

Dahl Graphics has agreed to produce the 2018 FHANA Inspection programs.  These programs are a keep sake for many members as they reflect back on their inspection.  Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of FHANA history.  …    Read More »

2018 Education Week x 2


2018 Education Week x 2

May 17 2018

Back by polpular demand, FHANA will offer two separate Education Weeks for members to attend.  This year the Education Week which is Education Level I will be held Sept 18-20, 2018 at Maddi's Friesian Ranch in Gardnerville, NV hosted by …    Read More »

KFPS Updated Linear Score Sheet

May 17 2018

The KFPS has recently updated the linear scoring and we have this form available to the membership to review.      Read More »

SCAM Email-Help Support John

May 14 2018

Members who are receiving this email "HELP SUPPORT JOHN" should be aware that this is a scam email and not from FHANA.  Please do not respond to this email.      Read More »

2018 Inspection Jury

May 09 2018

Circuit 1-Wil Thijssen and Danielle van Vliet Circuit 2-Jan Hellinx and Ester Reen Circuit 3-Piet Bergsma and Jolanda Slootjes    Read More »

NEW!!! North American Stallion Testing


NEW!!! North American Stallion Testing

May 09 2018

North American Stallion Testing Beggining with the 2018 Inspections Sequence of Events  2 ½ year-old stallions attend a regular inspection and need to be entered in category 16. The Inspection Jury will either:  …    Read More »

Inspection Information 2018

Apr 30 2018

Please see the attached file to review the updated inspection information just recently released from the KFPS.  If you have questions regarding this information, please call us at 859-455-7430.   The biggest change for North …    Read More »

ABFP Testing

Apr 17 2018

FHANA is currently looking for Bene 476 and Date 477 offspring to participate in the ABFP testing.  If you have a coming 3 year old or older and would like your horse to participate in this program, please contact FHANA  at …    Read More »

Equine Viral Arteritis-Webinar Rescheduled

Apr 16 2018

The EVA webinar that was previously scheduled for March 1 has been rescheduled for thursday May 3rd, 2018 at 7PM EDT (4PM PDT).   Equine Viral Arteritis, or "EVA", is a contagious viral disease that is primarily transmitted …    Read More »




Apr 03 2018

Within a time frame of just six inspection seasons Norbert 444 (Tsjerk 328) has managed to collect so many points that he could be declared Preferent this early January. In doing so he treads in the footprints of Beart 411 who also pocketed …    Read More »