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Beach Ride and Drive

Tue April 18 - Sat April 22, 2017

A. Just show up 
B. Camp on the beach with your horses
C. There are no facilities on the beach so bring your own portable toilet, water, feed, food, etc.
D. Bring panels or electric fence to set up a pen for your horses. 
E. Coming from the south go to Galveston, take the ferry to port Bolivar, continue a few miles on TX 87 and take a right on Rettilon Rd to access the beach (Rettilon is to the right, hwy 108 is to the left).
F. Coming from the north take a left on Rettilon Rd to access the beach
G. You can take hay on the ferry but it must be hidden or completely tarped or stored inside your trailer
H. There are no fees at all! Even the ferry is for free!!!
I. Town and stores are just minutes away
J. Before you leave: please clean up all your trash and your manure (throw it back in your trailer).
K. Every night pot luck dinner and bonfire!
L. check with your local Vet: you will need a valid negative Coggings for your horse[s].
This will be sooooo much fun!!!