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7-Year-Old Friesian Mare For Sale (Jorrit 363 X Jillis 301)

Studbook Number: 200304687
Sire: Jorrit 363
Dam: Baukje fan de Hofpleats
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 22, 2003
Height: 163cm

Jitske was born in 2003 and is sired by Jorrit 363. Her dam is Baukje fan de Hofpleats, a Star mare sired by Jillis 301. Jitske earned a 3rd premium as a 3-year-old. Jitske is a modern-type Friesian in conformation and possesses exceptional movement. She is 163 cm or 16 hands high. Jitske is the most even-tempered horse in our barn and is well trained under saddle and in harness. She has much experience being ridden and driven on the farm, road, trails and even several shows and fairs. We have raised one foal out of Jitske so far - a beautiful 2009 Ouke 313 filly named Deena. Jitske was an excellent first-time mother to her filly. We found that while she could be appropriately protective at times, mostly Jitske was exceptionally relaxed and trusting of all who came to visit and interact with her and her baby. For more pictures and information, please visit our website at: www.kettlecreekfriesians.com

Contact Information
Jack Vanderkooy
Kettle Creek Friesians
RR #7, 37612 John Wise Line
St Thomas, ON N5P 3T2

Day Phone: 519-933-6119
Evening Phone: 519-637-1329
Mobile Phone: 519-933-6119
Fax: 519-637-2449
Email: info@kettlecreekfriesians.com; jvanderkooy@ontarioplants.com

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