2017 KFPS Stallion Information 

The KFPS Stallion booklet is presented as an informative and educational tool to aid in choosing the best stallion for your mare. When making this decision it is not just important to use the best-quality stallions, it is even more important to make the correct combinations. KFPS strives to make as much breeding data on its stallions available as possible.    

2017 Stallion Data PDF Download

Stallion Information Online 

On the KFPS website (www.kfps.nl) you will also find the digital version of the 2016 Stallion guide. It is located under the heading ‘Breeding Information’ or ‘My Horse’ where you will find even more detailed information about the stallions. In addition, you can research stallions by indicating selection criteria. All stallions are included in the digital version of the Stallion Information guide.