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The Birth of a Foal

Apr 7, 2014 -

 The foaling season is getting into full swing now. The birth of a foal or even several foals is always a matter that breeders are looking forward to with great anticipation. But what is a birth really like, what are the things to look out for and what to do when things are not going as smoothly as everyone hopes?


New Rules for Grooming...

Apr 7, 2014 -

 These days it is still no exception to see horses with trimmed ears or trimmed whiskers. But in terms of animal welfare this is not what we like to see. However, banning incorrectly groomed horses from examinations is taking it too far from the Studbook’s point of view. -


North American Stallion and First Group of Sipke 450 Offspring Testing Completed

Apr 2, 2014 -

In March FHANA held the final exam of the North American 70-day Stallion Testing at DG Bar Ranch in Hanford, California.


A Message from the President Marc DiLeo...

Apr 2, 2014 -

This is my first correspondence as your new President and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the Board for having the confidence in me to lead our Association for this next year.  


Midwest Horse Fair

Mar 31, 2014 -

Due to the outbreak of the EHV~1 virus, the Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association will not be attending Midwest Horse Fair this year. The fair has decided that we will have to forfeit our stalls and booth space, but all agree that this decision is in the best interest of our horses.  


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Nutrition Webinar by Dr. Lawrence, PhD

04/11/2014 -

 Did you miss the nutrition webinar that was given by Dr. Laurie Lawrence from the University of Kentucky?  you can now watch the webinar as part of the FHANA Webinar library.  

Fenway Foundation AGM Speakers

03/25/2014 -

 Did you miss the AGM speakers that were sponsored by the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses?  Now you can watch and listen to their entire presentation right here.  Once again, we want to thank the Fenway Foundation for the generous donation to the 2014 FHANA Annual General Meeting.  

Breeding Certificates

02/14/2014 -

 Breeding certificates for 2014 foals will be mailed directly from the FHANA office.  Members should have them by the end of the February.  Foal letters for 2014 are T, U, or V.